AirCraft Vacuum Reviews

Guy Fridja believes home appliances should work brilliantly, look beautiful, and be used for pleasure. Then, to realize this belief, AirCraft Home Ltd was born into the home appliance industry.

AirCraft Vacuum Reviews
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Initially, the brand started from its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The company works tirelessly to innovate the ultimate floor cleaner to help you clean the home quickly. 

After its brilliant launch in the industry, it successfully overtook the world. Now, it has been featured in Lakeland Stars, The Sunday Times, Grand Designs Live, Evening Standard. EsBest, Good Housekeeping and more.

Impressively, people’s interest in this brand showed 26.1K followers on Instagram and 3.1K on Facebook. However, what makes this brand set apart from other mop? Well, this is the main topic of our AirCraft Vacuum review. Let’s dwell on it deeper!

Why AirCraft Floor Cleaner?

Offering a product focusing on floor cleaner allow AirCraft Vacuum to develop its products fully. Its floor cleaner is high-performance and easy to use. Not to mention, it has superb quality of battery capacity and versatile construction.

Regarding customer service, this brand also has a highly responsive team. Also, customers will be satisfied with the free shipping, 14-day return policy and 12-month warranty.

What's On AirCraft Home

We know that cleaning is unpleasant and tiring for some people. AirCraft Vacuum truly brings the cleaning to the next level with its home appliances collection. Furthermore, its product has various features to make cleaning more effortless.

Using high-tech features and quality build ensures the durability of its products. Currently, this brand has three types of primary products: compact vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners.

Product Collections 

PowerGlide PowerGlide, PowerGlide City and PowerGlide Powerscrub
triLite triLite Compact Vacuum Cleaner
Pilot Pilot Max and Pilot Pro
Accessories charger aircraft, remote control, spare parts, battery and more.

However, the list of products brings us to the question, “Are they good?”. So, to see whether its unit works as the brand claims, we ought to dig deeper into it. Check our sentiment in the following AirCraft Vacuum review section!

AirCraft Home PowerGlide Reviews

PowerGlide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

With the AirCraft Vacuum PowerGlide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, you’ll love to clean your home. This floor mop comes with powerful high-absorption microfibre cleaning heads.

AirCraft Home PowerGlide Reviews
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The machine-washable microfibre pad not only has robust absorption but also the ability to lock away dirt and grime.

The cleaning heads also can rotate at 250rpm with 20sqm per minute cleaning ability. It makes the cleaning much faster and easier. Besides, the easy-to-use designs allow you to enjoy an adjustable telescopic handle for comfortable steering.

Also, the cordless power simplifies your cleaning with a removable lithium-ion battery. No more annoying cords around. Plus, the battery lasts approximately 30-40 minutes long, after a single full charge of 2 hours.

Not only cleaning the floor but also polishing it for a perfect shine. Moreover, it can be used on any hard floor, including wood, tiles, vinyl, LVT, marble, slate, etc. Meanwhile, the lightweight build is only 3 kg with superb gliding sensation, offering an unparalleled experience.

This rugged floor mop is available in black, grey and white options. You can also add extra pads and scrubbing pads when purchased. Lastly, this floor cleaner cost £249.95. But since it’s currently on discount, make your cleaning routine less tiresome at only £199!

AirCraft Power Scrub Reviews

PowerScrub Cordless Cleaning Kit

Need more versatile and rugged performance than PowerGlide? Then this AirCraft Vacuum Power Scrub Cordless Cleaning Kit is worth being on your list. This cleaning machine is designed for all types of surfaces, from the home to the garden.

AirCraft Power Scrub Reviews
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The multipurpose cleaning style suits tiles, walls, bathtubs, garden furniture, shower screens, natural stone, and more. With the push of a button with 2-speed settings, the powerful brush head can rotate 250 times per minute. Highly effective to eliminate dirt and stubborn stains in snaps.

The power scrubber also features a powerful 2550 mAh Li-ion battery with a 45-minute battery capacity. Weigh only 1kg, it’s genuinely lightweight for ease of usage. To meet your diverse use, this cordless cleaner comes with a sponge, brush, and microfibre pad heads.

In addition, it also includes a stand, extension pole and charging adaptor. Thus, clean every inch of your home and garden from stubborn stains with this PowerScrub cordless cleaning kit at £99.17!

AirCraft Home Spare Parts Reviews

No worries if you lose a specific brush or any part of your AirCraft home cleaner. This brand offers a wide selection of spares and accessories. It includes the spare parts for PowerGlide, PowerGlide City, PowerScrub and Pilot Max vacuum cleaners.

AirCraft Home Spare Parts Reviews
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This spares and accessories collection will ensure you still get replacements for broken or missing parts. Easily find the parts in the official store for the best price. No more wasteful repurchase of new devices. Below is the list of its collections.

AirCraft Parts and Accessories

PowerGlide Spares Battery Pack V1 & V2, Scrubbing Pads, Charger, Cleaning & Polishing Pads, Base, etc
PowerGlide City Spares Battery, Telescopic Aluminum Tube, PowerGlide City Handle, Funner, etc
PowerScrub Spares 5 Brush Set, Stainless Steel Storage Rack, Disc/Pad Holder, Wire Brush, etc
Pilot Max Spares Battery Pack, Filters, Dust Container, Side Brush Screw, Dock Charger, Wheel, etc

See, this brand indeed has a great collection of accessories and parts. It’ll guarantee for usage for such a long time. Thus, keep your cleaning device working with its authentic parts at £3.95 to £149.95!

AirCraft Vacuum Price

How Much Does It Cost?

What do you think about the pricing stated above? If you are asking our opinion. We believe it’s highly reasonable due to its high features and impressive build. Generally, its pricing also varied due to the wide selection of products.

It ranges from £3.95 to £399 from parts to cleaning units. The highest-cost product is the robotic vacuum cleaner. Here’s the details for the pricing:

PowerGlide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner £249.95 £199
PowerGlide CITY+ Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner £239.95 £189.95
PowerScrub Cordless Cleaning Kit £119
PILOT MAX Robot Vacuum £399
Spares and Accessories £3.95 to £149.95

Although the price is already reasonable. Customers still can have decent savings by purchasing in the official online store. So check the perks listed below for the most unregretful purchase:

  • Free express shipping for UK mainland orders over £40
  • Check the all-product collection to find units currently on sale
  • Subscribe to the email list for exclusive discount codes and up-to-date perks notifications.

AirCraft PowerGlide VS Bissell SpinWave

When Looking for a reliable mop for hard floors, you may also find another competitor brand. So, to make a well-informed purchase, check the comparison between AHC PowerGlide and Bissell SpinWave below.

  AirCraft PowerGlide Bissell SpinWave
Price £199 £280.46
Power 60w 105w
Weight 3kg 3.9 kg
Runtime 30-40 minutes 20 minute
Tank Capacity 300ml 830ml
Noise Level 60db ‎80 dB
Cordless YES YES

AirCraft Home Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As one of the remarkable companies in the UK, this brand obtained favourable reviews from customers and experts. Currently, this brand even has a 4.6/5 star rating with 131 testimonial totals in Trustpilot. It also the AirCraft Vacuum reviews data on best-selling Amazon products:

AirCraft Home Reviews
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The aforementioned stats are highly impressive, with average ratings never below 4 stars. Now, it’s time to check the customer sentiment. Below is one of the genuine customer testimonials:

I’ve been using my Powerglide for 5 months now and can’t imagine how I could have done it before. It does the hard work for you. Simply move it around the floor, and it does a great cleaning job. It is super quiet and reduces mopping time by half. So it’s definitely worth the investment.

No matter how favourable the customers’ reviews are, it’s vital not to put aside the complaint. So here is an ACH review that contains negative sentiment:

It’s a superb product. But, if you need spare parts and live outside the UK, it can be very expensive. I required a new charger. When bought at ACH by Expedition, import and tax was about 65 euros…

Nearly all the customers were impressed by the unit’s performance. It works as the company claims, with quiet operation, ease of usage, and effective performance. Meanwhile, for the customer complaint, they state about expensive shipping outside the UK and broken parts.

Is AirCraft Vacuum Worth It?

If you’re looking for a worthy investment for an effortless cleaning floor, then AirCraft Home is the answer. ACH has a featured packed floor cleaning unit and robot vacuum cleaner with a sophisticated design.

Is AirCraft Vacuum Worth It?
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The performance is impressive, with easy-to-use and quiet operation. Meanwhile, the versatile design allows you to enjoy various uses for any surface. It’s truly the best invention to make cleaning more effortless and effective.

AirCraft Vacuum Pros and Cons

After writing down all the detailed information about the brand, we’ll make it short for you. So, take a quick peek but carefully consider the flaws and strengths below:


  • High performance
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Long-lasting battery capacity
  • Free shipping
  • 14-days return policy
  • 12-month warranty
  • Favourable experts and customer testimonials


  • Expensive shipping outside the UK
  • Customers complain about the broken parts, but the warranty makes up for it.

Aircraft Vacuum Customer Service

How To Contact The Brand

To purchase with peace of mind, you should answer all your lingering questions. So whether about shipping or the product features, contact the customer service team via:

Headquarters Address

AirCraft Home Ltd
Transport House, Uxbridge Road
Uxbridge, UB10 0LY

Where To Buy AirCraft Vacuum

Ready to elevate your cleaning routine? Then, you should purchase its products from its official online store at Besides, its authentic products are also available on Amazon and other online shopping platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Craving for more information? What a meticulous shopper you are! Thus, check the FAQ related to the AirCraft Vacuum review below!

What is an AirCraft PowerGlide Mop?

The PowerGlide cleaner and polisher is a cordless mop designed for effortless cleaner on various surfaces.

Can you use AirCraft PowerGlide on laminate?

Yes, it is. This best AirCraft Vacuum mop can be used in hard floor types, including laminate and others.

How to fix Aircraft Vacuum trobleshooting?

It rarely happens. But in case, you can read the manual book or feel free to contact the customer service team for quick help.

Is AirCraft Vacuum Legit?

With genuine customer reviews on various platforms, AirCraft Home is legit. Besides, the company has a long history in the industry with a secure purchasing process, payment, and website.


Our AirCraft Vacuum review has come to the last section of this article. Our research shows why this brand stands tall in the industry. ACH has impressive cleaning products that come with superb features and reasonable pricing.

The cordless hard floor mop or a robot vacuum cleaner are impressive. Besides, the features ensure the most usage for an effortless yet super clean cleaning. Thus, visit AirCraft Home for cleaning like a modern person!

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