VIVIDSTORM Screen Reviews

Since 2004, VIVIDSTORM Screen has been in the film and television equipment industry. This brand is under the company of Huizhou VIVIDSTORM Film and Television Equipment Co.LTD, headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong.

VIVIDSTORM Screen Reviews
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With a deep commitment to research and development, it manufactured projection screens, tubular motors, and screen production. Its dedication ushered in various new products with cutting-edge features.

Thanks to the fabulous entertainment equipment, it has been featured on Aegis AV Cabinet, Laser TV Furniture, and Vanish Cabinet. Furthermore, the brand has over 51.1K followers on TikTok and 7.5K on Facebook.

With this outstanding achievement, is its electronic worth it? Read our VIVIDSTORM Screen review for product testimonials, customer service, and pricing. So, keep scrolling for more information below!

Why Shop At VIVIDSTORM Screen Projector?

Having a long experience in the industry gives VIVIDSTORM Screen a profound foundation in their products. The brand only offers high-quality entertainment products with modern technology and features.

In fact, its products have obtained a line of certification reports from professional fields. For instance, it is certified by CE, ETL, KC, ROSH, REACH, and more. Not to mention, it has won unanimous praise and recognition in the industry.

In addition, it commits to offering the world the best projection screen with outstanding customer service. So, to guarantee customer satisfaction, all official site purchase is covered with a 2-year warranty and a 7-day return policy.

What's On VIVIDSTORM Screen

As you know, the VIVIDSTORM Screen is a technology product brand with film and television equipment expertise. This brand offers various product collections like conference projection screens, school teaching, home theaters, training venues, and event sites.

However, the main focus is a screen that can provide the latest solutions and suit your needs. At first, the company only engaged with OEM export products and then transformed into a one-stop store for a better visual experience.

VIVIDSTORM Screen Product Collections

With the expansive product collections, you may question which product is good. So, we’ll provide you with the VIVIDSTORM Screen review on some of the best-selling items. Here we go!


S PRO Motorized Tension Floor Rising UST ALR Projector Screen

The S PRO Motorized Tension Floor Rising UST ALR Projector Screen is a must-review best seller. This projector screen comes with a light-rejecting filter and optical sawtooth structure for optimum reflection.

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In addition, your eye will be pampered with striking visuals of richer and deeper colors in a larger display. Plus, the light resistance delivers a super performance for watching movies during the day. The eye protection feature ensures you have the most comfortable cinematic experience thanks to the less strain in your eye.

Another thing that we like is the space-saving design and easy setup. This premium retractable electric screen uses the Wire Tension technology with a remote for a simple setup. Then simply plug in the power cord to start enjoying. And close the scene when you don’t use it.

VIVIDSTORM Floor Rising Projector Screen details

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Display Dimensions: 72, 84, 92, 100, 110, and 120 inches
  • Mounting: Floor Mount
  • Voltage: 110V
  • What’s Included: Wireless RF Remote control, Extra IR Remote Control with IR Receiver, Cleaning Tools, Power Cord, Wireless Projector Trigger, and Adjust Rod.

Available in 72 to 120 inches, choose one based on your room size, whether conference room or private home theatre. So, enjoy a premium cinema time in your home with this ultra-clear projector screen at $1,200 to $1,700!

VIVIDSTORM Screen Cabinet Monte Carlo Review

Motorized Laser TV Cabinet Monte Carlo

Want to have the best companion with your floor-rising projector screen? Look no other than this VIVIDSTORM Screen Motorized Laser TV Cabinet Monte Carlo. This is constructed from the combination of a floor-rising screen and a short-throw projector.

VIVIDSTORM Screen Cabinet Monte Carlo Review
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More importantly, the motorized drawer is compatible with all UST projector brands, from Samsung to Hisense. Featuring the perforated front cover allows the sound through for a clear audio quality.

In addition, the drawer has a programmable position with AI memory. Not to mention, the synchronized movement offers an effortless setup using the remote control from the projector.

This cabinet is made of quality material and construction with exceptional quality standards. It ensures durable usage with a 30 kg load capacity. It reserved a wooden board behind the hollow for wires in the line position—no more messy cables.

Monte Carlo Projector Screen Cabinet Details

  • Dimensions:
    • 100″: 2800*590*350 mm 
    • 120″: 3238*590*350 mm
  • Color: Black, White, Oak, and customized color

This cabinet is available in two size options based on VIVIDSTORM 100 and 120 projector screens. Plus, you can choose from effortlessly stunning color options and even customize color/size. Thus, make your projector and screen more organized at $3,955 to $9,999!

VIVIDSTORM Projector Screen Price

How Much Does It Cost?

So basically, how much does its product cost? Well, since it has a wide selection of products, the price varies from $1 to $7,780. The lowest price is the Screen Material Test Sample, and the Bundle AWOL Vision Laser Projector & S PRO Floor Screen is the highest.

Looking for a VIVIDSTORM screen for sale? When we talk about price, it is completely about sales indeed. So we’ve checked every inch of its website to find any savings. Jot down the list below:

  • Get 5% OFF by using the RC5OFF8130 discount code
  • Visit All Product collection to find items currently on sale
  • Check the Bundle page for a huge discount by purchasing more
  • Join the email list to obtain special promo codes and future perks


What Do Customers Think?

We’ve checked the customer review section to make our review more thorough. Allows us to see the customer opinions, both negative and positive. Now, check the rating and review data compiled below:

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When checking the testimonials, we were pleasantly surprised by how positive most of them were. Proven by the data above, most of them are satisfied with the purchase. Here is one of VIVIDSTORM Screen reviews:

… I purchased the 120″ size, and with the push of a remote button, this screen is up and ready for action. If you like watching movies or sports, this is the perfect screen for your home theater. I love the fact that you can press the remote button to lower it back into its case, and it’s protected…

In order to have an unbiased opinion, we carefully choose one customer complaint. So, here’s a complaint from VIVIDSTORM UST screen review:

Love it so far. It’s worth the price. Arguably, it’s just expensive. It looks incredible and works well so far. Had it for 6 months. I choose to leave it alone. So, if you have to raise and lower it constantly to impress people, I’m not sure how long it will last. It seems sturdy enough, though.

Similar to the feedback above, nearly all users like the construction and features. It has a great remote control and product quality with a sturdy build. Meanwhile, the complaint is only about the expensive pricing.

Is VIVIDSTORM Screen Worth It?

Offering an impressive projector screen quality, the VIVIDSTORM Screen is worth every penny. Some may think the price is high indeed. However, this price is what you should pay with the superb quality, features, and construction offered.

Is VIVIDSTORM Screen Worth It?
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The screen features ambient light blocking and eye protection for a more comfortable experience. On top of that, it delivers high contrast and restored color that works even in day usage. All in all, the price truly speaks for its excellent performance, image quality, and durability.

VIVIDSTORM Screen Pros and Cons

Some of you may have no time to read our long reviews. So, to make it short for you, we’ve summarized the pros and cons of the brand. Take account of it and make your decision.


  • Easy setup with remote control
  • Rich and deeper color
  • High contrast and clear image quality
  • Modern and features-packed design
  • Great eye protection technology
  • Good image quality during the day
  • 7-day return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Glowing customer reviews


  • The shipping taking too long
  • Expensive price.

VIVIDSTORM Screen Customer Service

How To Contact

If you still have questions lingering on your mind after reading our VIVIDSTORM Screen review, reach out to its customer service team. So, check the contact information below to reach them:

Headquarters Address

NO.66 Zhongxing North Road Aotou Town
Daya Bay, Huizhou City
Guangdong Province, China

Where To Buy VIVIDSTORM Screen

Enhance your family entertainment at home by creating your home cinema. So get all the products from its official website at Aside from that, its entertainment collection is also available on several online shopping platforms like Amazon!


Frequently Asked Questions

For extra information, we’ve gathered some FAQs related to the VIVIDSTORM Screen review. Check the answer below!

Are VIVIDSTORM screens any good?

The VIVIDSTORM screen has superior light rejection, image clarity, and a super viewing angle. The unique design also allows it to hide nicely when you don’t use it. It allows a clean room and maintains the aesthetic.

How big is the screen on the VIVIDSTORM floor rising projector?

The screen is available in 160″, 170″, 180″, and 200″ obsidian long throw ALR. In this variety of sizes, it can even be great for a dark theater room or environment.

How do you adjust the floor rising screen on VIVIDSTORM?

Adjust the screen height using the Rod to input it into the Limit switch adjustment hole. Turn it clockwise or vice versa to set the screen height.

Where do I find a VIVIDSTORM screen replacement?

Customers can claim any replacement or repair by claiming the warranty.

Where is the VIVIDSTORM Screen manual?

Mostly, all products come with an instruction or manual book. But if you lost it, access the soft file version on the User Manual page.


In our VIVIDSTORM Screen review, you’ve found all the vital information about this brand. We realize this brand is a good option if you want to take your projector quality to the next level. Its floor-rising screen has a superb quality that supports the projector’s performance.

In addition, it is also equipped with multiple features like eye protection and remote control. The modern design will elevate your interior look without taking up too much space. So, make your home theater come true with a VIVIDSTORM Screen. Enjoy a day and night entertainment time!

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