CritterZone Reviews

The CritterZone is well-known for its air naturalizer technology, an original air purifier for pets. William Converse is the founder of the brand and innovator of the products. It first launched in 2013 with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CritterZone Reviews

With his three decades of air purification industry experience in helping banish the air contaminants. In the 1980s, he launched Alpine Industries, allowing him numerous successes. Furthermore, his product collection grew, leading him to pioneer non-filter cleaning technology.

Its air purifier designed for pet owners has grabbed a specific marketplace. As a result, many expert reviewers featured in Mr.Poof, Wag Out Loud, and House Panther. Plus, it also obtains over 2.9K followers on Facebook.

But what exactly makes this brand the best option over other air purifier brands? Here, our CritterZone review will dig deeper into this brand to see its worthiness. So, let’s scour more to see how it can help you and your furry friends!

Why Critterzone Pet Air Purifier?

CritterZone boasts its unique innovation by using the air purifier for specific usage for pets. What makes it different is using natural elements as the energy source. Plus, it has hassle-free maintenance with no replacement needed.

It also can eliminate odors efficiently, like pet urine smells in carpets and furniture. Furthermore, innovative technology can decrease allergy symptoms. So, it would be great for both family members and your pet.

With improved air quality, it can help with the pet’s health and vitality. In addition, the brand ships internationally in the US, Canada, and the Philippines. Not to mention the 30-day money-back guarantee ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

What's On CritterZone

Want to elevate your pet’s living environment? CritterZone is a great place to help your pet and family enjoy healthier air quality. Focusing on the air naturalizer using the natural elements is the best option to leverage the organic energy technology.

This technology can eliminate pet odors, dust, allergens, pet hair, and bacteria. So, it’ll absolutely increase the air quality inside your home. Currently, this brand only has this product as the main. But you can also find other accessories. Here’s the product collection on the website:

Product Collections

So, this brand focused on one product, allowing the well-developed item. Questioning about the product’s quality? Untangle your curiosity about its air purification device in the CritterZone review section below!

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Reviews

Best Air Purifier for Pet Odors

Struggling with the unpleasant pet odor? Then, the CritterZone Air Naturalizer is the best product designed specifically for your pets. Unlike the conventional air purifier, it has no filter replacement since it’s engineered as a natural air purifier.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Reviews
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This product will eliminate the messy clean-up and costly filter replacement. Basically, the reason why it’s called the Air Naturalizer is that it energizes the natural elements that are already contained in the air. Works like what happens while being outdoors.

In addition, it can be used as a pet odor remover by leveraging the sun’s natural energy. Using the existing element will clean the air to eliminate odors, mold, pet hairs, dander, bacteria, and allergens.

Aside from that, we like the compact design that won’t make too much space in your room. Its space-saving design also allows it to be operated in the car using a Car Adapter. Plus, it has no noisy fan, allowing it to run silently. No worry about your sleeping baby.

Pet Air Purifier Details

  • Dimensions: 2×2.75×4.5 in
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Floor Area: 800-square-foot

The only concern about this pet air purifier is it has no other option than white color. Regardless, the natural color will fit any of your home’s interior. So, bring it home for easy access to fresh, natural air for your loved one!

Air Purification
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10

How Does CritterZone Work?

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer works by reactivating the indoor air. It creates the activity in the air that already exists to enhance the ability to clean itself. Basically, it’s like how the sun and wind work in the outdoor air.

How Does CritterZone Work?
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Then, the active element will start creating a chemical reaction to break down the contaminants. However, the reactions can produce different odors depending on the area and situation, just like the natural air.

Additionally, the reaction can include the O2 or oxygen conversion to a slight scent of ozone. When the unpleasant smell starts to be eliminated, you’ll notice the machine is doing its job. Breaking down the particles that cause odors will significantly improve air quality.

CritterZone Price

How Much Does It Cost?

With long-lasting usage, its products cost affordably. The price ranges from $15 to $229, which includes a cord to an air naturalizer pack. Here’s the price of its product collection.

Product Pricing

Air Naturalizer $129
Air Naturalizer 2 Pack $229
Replacement Power Cord $15
Car Adapter $15

FYI, you can join the email list to receive exclusive discount codes and perks notifications. Or, follow its social media to keep updated on sales for special events or days!

CritterZone Air Purifier Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Since we want to break down every positive and negative side, it’s vital to consider customer feedback. Its air purification device has excellent reviews on the website and from experts.

CritterZone Air Purifier Reviews
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For instance, this brand obtains a 4.4/5 average rating based on 28 testimonials on Facebook. This rating is pretty high, indicating that nearly all customers have a positive experience. Consider this one of CritterZone reviews on the website:

…While my cat had a UTI and was trying to tell me about it, he was urinating in several places besides his litter box. Fortunately, I found the recipe on the Critterzone website and used it to clean the poop out of my carpet. Right now, the carpet and my cat are fine, and I am a fan of life.

Another customer also stated:

…Similar to the other reviewers, I found this to be an incredible product that does what it says. The Badger weasel odor is gone. Occasionally, I can smell a slight metallic odor in the cat/ferret room, but it is a fair trade for no animal odors. Definitely recommend!

Like the two testimonials above, most have the same experience. The air purifier effectively removes the pet smell. Although it is small in size, it has a broad reach. On the other hand, some customers reported about the chemical odors.

Is CritterZone Legit?

Having been reviewed by customers and experts with many genuine testimonials on Facebook, this brand is absolutely legitimate. Also, its product is developed by well-known people in the air purification industry, ensuring cutting-edge construction.

The website is also genuine and secure, with a safe payment process. More importantly, the 30-day money-back guarantee will back your purchase. Ensure you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the performance within the time.

Is CritterZone Worth It?

When it comes to hassle-free elimination of pet odor, CritterZone air naturalizer is worth trying. This device will naturalize the air to help you enjoy cleaner and healthier air for a better quality.

Is CritterZone Worth It?
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The small appliance also won’t take much place with versatile cords to use in the home and even the car. Plus, the sleek construction and white color blends will easily fit your home decor. Overall, it has an outstanding performance with a super compact and sleek design.

CritterZone Pros And Cons

Do you have the page as us about this brand worthiness? To make your final decision, consider the summary of pros and cons below:


  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • No filter replacement
  • Using natural technology
  • Compact design
  • Silent performance
  • Great for allergens, odors, and pet dander
  • 30-days return policy
  • Positive reviews from customers


  • No color options
  • It can leave a chemical odor
  • No free shipping.

CritterZone Customer Service

How To Contact

Do you need to confirm something before making your purchase? Contact the customer service team during the business hours of 9 am – 6 pm CST via:

Headquarters Address

118 E Main St
Anoka, Minnesota
55303, United States

Where To Buy CritterZone

It’s time to let your fur friend and family breathe cleaner air! So you can purchase its air naturalized exclusively from the official store at Your purchase will be guaranteed with authentic products and a risk-free purchasing journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

As a smart buyer, you may have many questions lingering in your mind. It’s your natural instinct to eliminate an unworthy purchase. So below are some questions most customers are curious about a CritterZone review.

Does Critter Zone really work?

Yes, it works. Using the latest technology, it can work significantly in pet odors and urine. As a result, you and your pets will breathe a purer air.

Who owns CritterZone?

This pet air purifier brand is owned by William Converse.

Does CritterZone ship internationally?

Yes. Aside from the United States, it also ships in Canada and the Philippines. 


Investing in an air purifier is crucial if you have a pet or even respiratory problems. Our CritterZone review has provided you with an alternative to having cleaner air in your home. Its air naturalizer uniquely uses natural elements to clean the air.

Using organic technology allows it to eliminate the pet dander and smell naturally. It includes germs, pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants. So, let your pet and loved one breathe better air quality with CritterZone!

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