Teckin Camera Reviews

Teckin Camera is a brand that offers smart home products to the world. Furthermore, this brand is under the Shenzhen Apeman Innovation Science & Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzen, China.

Teckin Camera Reviews
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Since the company was born, it has never stopped innovating to boost the world’s smart home field. It strives as the number one brand internationally. Now, this brand has remarkable growth in North America and European markets.

Many people have a skeptical idea when it comes to Chinese products. Factually, its products are proven to offer high-spec products at low prices. This fact helps the brand have over 4.1K followers on Facebook and 2.1K on Instagram.

However, can you completely trust your money to this brand? If you are curious, we’ll help to answer it in our Teckin Camera review. Here, expect information from product reviews to pricing to make a smart purchase decision!

Why Teckin Camera?

Offering a smart device, Teckin Camera will make your home appliances like modern people. Its affordable product features a quality construction with smart features. For instance, the WiFi compatibility and app for remote controlling.

Surprisingly, this brand strives for unparalleled customer service. The company will deliver responsive support teams for 7 days a week. Moreover, you can enjoy a secure payment, free shipping, and a 14-day return policy.

What's On Teckin Camera

Teckin Camera focuses on offering smart home devices internationally. Currently, the website focuses on smart electrical covers, plugs, and lights. However, its main signature is the smart camera. Here are the item collections currently available on our website:

Product Collections

Security Camera TC100 Security Camera and Indoor Security Camera
Outdoor Series Outdoor LED Light Strip, Dimmer Plug, Outdoor Plug Gift, etc 
Smart Plug Single Smart Plug, Outdoor Smart Plug, Power Extender, etc
Smart Lighting Floor Lamps, Bedside Lamps, Smart Bulbs, Strip Lights, Light Switches, etc

From the list above, can you determine this brand’s worthiness? That’s impossible, indeed. So, we’ll dig deeper into some of the best-selling items in the following Teckin Camera review!

Teckin Camera TC100 Reviews

TC100 Security Camera

Looking for a way to monitor your home remotely? The Teckin TC100 Security Camera is where you can start. It’s an indoor WiFi smart camera that is designed with thousands of features.

Teckin Camera TC100 Reviews
Image credit: teckinhome.com
teckinhome.com https://teckinhome.com

Featuring 1080 full HD and a 108-degree wide angle, it can give you the clearest image. Even better, the night vision with 6 IR LED displays delivers a clear image in the dark. It is best for monitoring your sleeping baby or a darker place like the garage.

In addition, the TC100 cam is equipped with two-way audio. Easily have a conversation remotely if there’s something emergency. Also, to improve the security, improve the motion and sound detection never to miss something happen.

Teckin TC100 Security Camera Pricing

  • 1 Pack: $29.99 $19.99
  • 2 Pack: $49.99 $35.99

As mentioned before, this smart home camera would have a high tech features. So, it comes with Alexa and Google Home compatibility, a features-packed app, and 15 days of Cloud storage. Stay connected and monitor your home no matter where you are with this indoor camera at $19.99!

Teckin SP10 Smart Plug Review

Smart Plug SP10

The fast growth of smart tech brings the next level to your home appliance. It even comes to the smallest usage, like plugs. The Teckin Smart WiFi Electrical Plug SP10 is the best-selling item that can work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Teckin SP10 Smart Plug Review
Image credit: teckinhome.com
teckinhome.com https://teckinhome.com

It even needs no hub and can work with a stable 2.4GHz network. Even better, it makes the setup more effortless to control it with the app on your phone fully. Truly bring your daily life like a real modern person.

The smart plug app is highly comprehensive, with all features that can be leveraged. For instance, users can set schedules and timers for the device to turn on/off any home appliances automatically.

Teckin Smart Plug SP10 Pricing

  • 1 pack: $12.99 $9.99
  • 2 pack: $23.99 $16.99
  • 4 pack: $36.99 $21.99

The phone app will work like a remote control to manage your home appliances from anywhere. This innovative electric plug with brilliant features also would be great for those who hardly move around. So, give your peace of mind with fully controlled plugs at $9.99!

Teckin Smart Bulb SB50 Reviews

SB50 Smart Alexa Light Bulb

If you want to create a smart home, the first product that you should have is a smart LED bulb. The Teckin SB50 Smart Alexa Light Bulb is a RGB Color LED Bulbs with 800 lumens brightness.

Teckin Smart Bulb SB50 Reviews
Image credit: teckinhome.com
teckinhome.com https://teckinhome.com

With 60 million colors, it’s the perfect light bulb to decorate your home more colorful. Also, you can use the app to adjust the color and brightness. Unleash your creativity to create a vibrant place for party, reading, or leisure needs.

Like other innovative products, the Teckin light bulb app offers broad customization from setting colors and schedules. Even more, voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant lets you control it coolly.

SB50 Smart Light Bulb Pricing

  • 2 pack: $19.99 $7.99
  • 4 pack: $39.99 $11.99
  • 8 pack: $79.99 $17.99
  • 20 pack: $199.99 $35.99
  • 120 pack: $1,199.99 $126.99

Noteworthy. This smart RBG LED light bulb comes with an energy-saving feature. Compared to 60W traditional incandescent bulbs, it can save up to 60% of energy consumption. So, don’t settle for a dull light. Make your home more lively with a customizable smart bulb at $7.99!

Teckin Camera Price

How Much Does It Cost?

What do you think after knowing the particular product pricing above? If you ask us. We believe that this brand is pretty reasonably priced compared to other brands in the same industry.

Its website currently ranges from $7.99 to $42.49. Furthermore, the SB50 Smart Alexa Light Bulb is the lowest-priced product, and the highest is the FL32A Floor Lamp. Here’s the pricing of each collection:

Product Collection Price List

Outdoor Series $9.99-$32.99
Smart Plug $9.99-$32.99
Smart Lighting $7.99-$42.49
Security Camera $19.99-$35.99

Calling for all budget-conscious customers! After scouring the websites, we found several ways to get the best savings on your purchase. So, check out the sale tips below:

  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Buy on pack option for lower price for each item
  • Save up to 67% off and get a free gift on the Autumn Sale
  • Sign up for the newsletter for coupon codes and offer updates.
  • Enjoy 10% OFF sitewide by using the discount code VIPNEW10

Teckin Camera App

Tecking Home developed an app to control its smart device, whether for the security camera, electricity plug, or LED lights. Furthermore, the app has a myriad of features for monitoring and managing the device.

In addition, the brand has a Teckin Camera app for PC, iOS, and Android. So it’s basically compatible with any device to control your smart home appliances. However, setting up can be pretty challenging. Simply follow the easy manual instructions for pairing and creating a login account.

Teckin Camera TC100 Manual

How do I set up my Teckin Camera?

The Teckin camera setup is basically easy. You can find it in the TC100 manual book. However, we gladly share the simple steps to follow:

  1. Create an account on the Teckin app download on your phone
  2. Connect the monitoring camera to the power outlet
  3. Wait around 15 seconds until the red light status flashes
  4. Then, open the app and click the “Add Camera” button on the front page
  5. Follow the given instructions when setting up the app until the sound prompt echoes.

Teckin Review

What Do Customers Think?

The best place to see the brand’s worthiness is by checking the customers’ testimonials. The genuine customers’ opinions will allow you to see their praise and issues after using the products. But before jumping to the customers’ thoughts, check the review and rating stat below:

Teckin Review
Image credit: facebook.com/Teckinofficial
facebook.com/Teckinofficial https://facebook.com/Teckinofficial

It’s impressive how it has a high rating based on the top three items on the site. Now, consider one of the customer statements among Teckin Camera reviews:

Outstanding camera with feedback. The night mode is also very good. I took a trip last month and used the TC100 to monitor my home with better clarity and resolution than the auto recorder. Easy to install, too. I put it in the corner of the wall.

Checking the positive reviews is indeed vital. But checking negative reviews is no less critical. So, the following is one of customer complaints:

It’s very sturdy, though the instructions aren’t that great, and it took a few tries to set it up. But afterward, they were great.

We found this brand obtained many positive opinions about its camera. All the features are work with great clarity and resolution. The installation is also good. However, some customers have issues setting up the smart electricity plug.

Is Teckin Camera Worth It?

The customers’ reviews already prove our opinion about this brand. Teckin Camera is worth purchasing from product quality to pricing. It’s basically due to the products’ many functional features for our home use.

The features offer a significant usage to transform your house into a smart home. Not to mention, the compatible app makes it easier to manage the device. Besides, there are minor issues when setting up, but the instruction and support team will help. So, it’s the best smart device on the market.

Teckin Home Pros And Cons

What is your final verdict after knowing other customers and our opinion? Hope you can make your own unregretful decision. So, better clear your mind and take into account some pros and cons below:


  • Durable build
  • Have many smart features
  • Voice control or home assistance app compatibility
  • Good camera’s clarity and resolution
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 14 days return policy
  • Highly positive reviews


  • Low rated app
  • Some customers have tricky smart plug setups.

Teckin Camera Customer Service

How To Contact

Before buying, it’s better to clear all of your doubts. So, if you have any questions, it’s better to contact the customer service team via:

Headquarters Address

West Shixia North Second Street
Shixia Futian District, Shenzhen

Where To Buy Teckin Camera

Ready to monitor your loved one or precious things? Thus, it’s time to buy a quality security camera officially at www.teckinhome.com. Besides, its products are also purchasable at Walmart.


Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions, whether it’s pra- or pre-purchase. Thus, we’ve compiled the FAQs and the answers related to the Teckin Camera review that you may be curious about.

How do I connect my Teckin Camera to WIFI?

When placing the smart security camera, ensure it is within the WiFi range. After connecting it to your app, you can select the setting and allow the app to access the device’s location. Then, tap the WiFi network and input the password. Voila, your device is successfully connected to the WiFi.

What app does Teckin use?

The device can be used with the SmartLife app and Google Home.

Who owns Teckin?

This brand’s smart equipment products are owned under Shenzhen Apeman Innovation Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Why is my Teckin Camera flashing white light?

The camera will flash a white light when the connection is in progress.

Why is the Teckin Camera not connecting to WiFi?

You can try to reset the Teckin Camera when the camera is not recording or not connecting. Here’s the step:

  1. Go to the app and click settings to remove the camera pairing
  2. Take the camera and press the reset button at the back of it
  3. Wait until you hear the three beeps and  flashing solid red light
  4. Then, reconnect the camera again like your first connecting trial.


To conclude the Teckin Camera review, this smart home appliances brand is the best option for affordable, high-tech products. At a very reasonable price, customers can enjoy high home automation.

Simple products with good compatibility with WiFi and an app offer customizable usage of features and remote control. So, stay connected to your home monitor cameras and appliances anywhere with Teckin Camera!

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