Airdog Review

Airdog is a company that manufactures air purifiers designed to improve indoor air quality. It offers various air purifier models for any place environment, including homes, offices, and vehicles.

Airdog Review
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Their air purifiers use patented technologies, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, ultraviolet (UV) light sterilization, and ionization, to remove pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air.

The fact that Airdog USA has more than 4.5K+ followers on Facebook and 6.6K+ followers on Instagram is a testament to the brand’s popularity and recognition on social media platforms.

This is an important indicator that the brand has gained significant traction and that people are interested in their air purifiers.

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To help you decide whether or not to try an Airdog USA air purifier, a comprehensive Airdogusa review will be provided. This Airdog review will cover all aspects of the brand’s best-selling products, including their features, specifications, and prices.

Why Airdog?

With the increasing concern over air pollution and the impact of poor air quality on our health, air purifiers have become a popular solution to improve indoor air quality.

Numerous brands and models of air purifiers are available on the market, each with unique features and specifications. So what type catches your attention the most?

The brand believes a positive customer experience is essential to building strong and lasting customer relationships.

That’s why they offer a variety of shopping opportunities to meet the needs of their diverse customer base. You will love shopping there.


  • Provides excellent customer service and support
  • Multiple payment methods are available, such as credit cards and PayPal
  • Free shipping throughout the United States
  • Easy return policy

What's On Airdog?

One of their popular products, the Mist-Free Humidifier, is a compact and sleek humidifier designed to improve the air quality in your home by adding moisture to the air without the risk of fog or excess moisture.

What's On Airdog?
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Unlike traditional humidifiers, which emit mist and can create a humid environment, this product uses a unique technology that breaks down water molecules into very fine particles without creating a mist.

This ensures your home stays dry and comfortable while providing increased humidity benefits, such as reduced dry skin, respiratory problems, and allergies.

It also includes a wide range of air purification and humidification products, including home, air, and car air purifiers.

This brand features a variety of purification systems and is designed for various purposes, from portable to wearable air purifiers.

Other supporting accessories are also available, such as:

There are many other accessory products besides those we mentioned above.

If you’re new to air purifiers and aren’t sure which product to choose, don’t worry. We’ll provide more details about the different products available to help simplify your search.

Airdog X3 Home Air Purifier-215 sq.ft Review

The Airdog+ X3 Home Air Purifier (i-215 sq. ft.) is a compact and portable air purifier covering up to 215 square feet.

Airdog X3 Home Air Purifier-215 sq.ft Review
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It features a 3-stage air purification system that removes airborne particles, allergens, odors, and pollutants, giving you clean and fresh air.

The first stage of an air purification system is the pre-filter, which captures large particles such as dust, hair, and pet dander.

The second stage is a HEPA filter, which captures smaller particles such as pollen, mold, and bacteria.

The final stage is the activated carbon filter, which removes odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and VOCs.

It’s easy to use and maintain, with a filter change indicator that lets you know when to replace the filter.

If you are interested and want to enjoy clean and fresh air in your home or office, you can buy it now for only $449. This price point is competitive compared to other air purifiers on the market.

Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier-400 sq.ft Review

The Airdog+ X5 Home Air Purifier is a compact yet powerful air purifier designed to provide clean, healthy air for rooms up to 400 square feet.

Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier-400 sq.ft Review
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It features a 5-stage air purification system with a washable pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, UV-C lamp, and negative ion generator.

The washable pre-filter captures larger particles, such as hair and dust, while the HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

Activated carbon filters remove odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

The UV-C lamp kills germs and bacteria in the air, while the negative ion generator releases negative ions that help neutralize pollutants and freshen the air.

The home air purifier also features an intelligent air quality sensor that detects air quality in real time and adjusts fan speed accordingly.

Go to the website for exclusive offers and purchase products for only $649.

Airdog X8 Air Purifier-1000 sq.ft Review

The Airdog +X8 Air Purifier is a high-performance air purifier designed for up to 1000 square feet of large rooms.

Airdog X8 Air Purifier-1000 sq.ft Review
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It features a 6-stage air purification system with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, TiO2 photocatalytic filter, UV-C lamp, and ionizer.

The pre-filter captures large particles, such as hair and dust, while the HEPA filter traps small particles, such as pollen, mold spores, and pet dander.

The activated carbon filter removes odors and VOCs, while the TiO2 photocatalytic filter neutralizes bacteria and viruses. UV-C lamps and ionizers improve air quality by killing airborne bacteria and viruses and reducing static electricity.

The Airdog X8 also has a smart air quality sensor that detects and displays real-time air quality.

It also has a sleek, modern design that blends well with any home décor.

The Airdog X8 Air Purifier retails for $999.

Airdog Pricing

The compact and portable X3 Home Air Purifier is priced at $449, and the high-performance Classic Air Purifier A5-5G is priced at $799.

Other products, such as the FitAir personal air purifier and the Mist Free humidifier, are also competitively priced and designed for personal use.

Overall, the price of their products is affordable, considering their quality and advanced features.

Airdog Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of AirDog air purifiers:

Airdog Pros 

Advanced filtration technology
Many Airdog models come with multiple filters and air purification stages
Compact, portable, and easy to use
Offer excellent customer service and support
1-year warranty on the product

Airdog Cons

The product price is relatively high

Is Airdog Worth It?

Definitely yes! By offering outstanding air purification and humidification solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and quality materials, these products are well worth the investment for anyone who values clean, healthy air.

 Is Airdog Worth It?
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Airdog Customer Service

Provides multiple ways for customers to contact their customer support team. Available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Customers can contact them by:

Airdog’s address is 3637 San Gabriel River Parkway, Pico Rivera, Los Angeles, CA 90660, for correspondence purposes.

Customers can also send messages via the Airdog website, and the customer support team will contact them as soon as possible.

Where To Buy Airdog?

Product purchases can be made directly through the official website. All orders within the United States receive free shipping.

In addition, Airdog products are also available for purchase on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart.

It’s better to buy from an authorized dealer to get a genuine product and take advantage of any warranty.

Does an AirDog lift pump add HP?

The AirDog lift pump does not add horsepower to the vehicle. Instead, its primary function is to provide a reliable and consistent fuel supply to the engine, which can help improve fuel efficiency, performance, and longevity.

Can you put cat filters on AirDog?

No, you cannot attach a cat filter to an AirDog air purifier. AirDog air purifiers are designed to use custom replacement filters that are made to fit and function properly with the unit.

Using incompatible filters, such as cat filters, could damage the air purifier or reduce its effectiveness at removing airborne particles and pollutants.


If you are looking for a brand that offers high-quality air purification and humidification products to suit your environment and lifestyle needs, then Airdog is a brand to consider.

With a range of products that meet various needs and preferences and a commitment to improving the air quality in your home or office, we highly recommend trying this product.

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