Miku Care Review

Released in 2018, Miku Care introduced its expertise in baby monitoring devices. Not long after the product launch, it took the world by storm by winning a line of awards. For instance, the 2019 The BUMP Winner, 2020 Sleep Award, 2019 babylist Best Babytech Winner, and CES Innovation Awards.

Miku Care Review
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facebook.com/MikuCare https://facebook.com/MikuCare

Its achievements are not stopping there. The company keeps digging deeper into its products for better improvements. Even more, its Instagram boasts over 247K followers and 7K followers on Facebook.

In addition, its remarkable history is written under the leadership of Johann Fernando as the CEO. Also, the company has two based locations in Los Angeles, CA, and Woodbridge, NJ. This brand is full of a team of engineers, fathers, and mothers with the same mission.

They aim to revolutionize parent awareness and create a safer world for babies. Regardless, to ensure whether its achievement can prove the quality lies behind the crowd, we need to dig deeper. Let’s begin uncovering every inch of this company in our Miku Care review!

Why Miku Care Company?

Being a mom makes you have a lot of work piled up. The Miku Care offers a great solution to help you monitor your baby and give you peace of mind. Furthermore, its smart baby monitor features SensorFusion technology for a better monitoring system.

The award-winning monitor can track real-time sleep patterns, breathing, and nursery condition. Moreover, it is even HSA/FSA-approved to ensure quality and safety.

No worries about customer service since the company provides responsive support. What’s more, all products come with a 45-day return policy, a 1-year warranty, and free shipping.

What's On Miku Care?

Miku Care is a pediatric wellness monitoring company that offers products for monitoring the child’s health and wellness. So it would combine the camera, high-end technology, and app for next-level monitoring.

Using the app on your phone gives you peace of mind about your newborn’s condition and safety. Obtain detailed information about the breath easy and real-time alert at your fingertips.

Product Collections

Basically, this brand offers a monitoring device, Miku accessories, and monthly subscriptions for the app. But are its monitoring products worth it? Let’s jump to the first Miku Care review in the section below!

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Reviews

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount Kit

Miku Care Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount Kit is the expertise of this brand. This baby monitor package is designed for wall mounting. So, it’ll include the cable guide measuring tape, screwdriver, power supply, level wall anchors, screws, and cord wall mount.

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Reviews
Image credit: mikucare.com
mikucare.com https://mikucare.com

Additionally, it works with your smartphone to track sleep patterns, movement, and breathing. This device also can monitor the nursery’s condition, such as temperature and humidity.

For ultimate security, it is embedded with a crypto chip. So advanced encryption and two-step authentication for total control over who visits your baby.

Likewise, the contact-free design makes this baby monitor camera much easier to install and safe for your baby. It has no wires, clips, pads, or wearables that get in the way.

Using a quality camera with HD image quality and night vision, it delivers clear real-time video quality. Besides, it allows you to share and download HD videos or photos. It also features custom sleeps sound and lullabies using the dual Ole Wolff speakers.

Aside from the wall mounting is also available with a floor stand. It’ll be great for those who prefer a clean wall and a movable monitor camera. Lastly, you can enjoy a complete monitoring system for your child’s sleep and health at $399!

Miku Care App Reviews

Miku App

As you know, Miku Care work by combining the smartphone for remote monitoring. The Miku App is well-built and available for Android and iOS users. Simply download the monitoring app from the play store or app store.

Miku Care App Reviews
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mikucare.com https://mikucare.com

Generally, the app features are purposed to gain greater awareness about your baby’s breathing and sleeping. The real-time alerts will let you hear, see, and know any changes around your baby and its body.

In the monitoring dashboard, it displays the baby’s life video feed, breathing waveform, RPM, and movement status. Based on the daily data, the app provides sleep analytics for tracking and graphing babies’ sleeping habits. Use the statistic with pinpoint accuracy to get the best sleeping environment.

The app also provides access to the recorded activity that lasts 7 days. For convenience, while doing your other duty,  you can leverage the speakers to play sounds, lullabies, or your voice. So enjoy the remote access to return the baby to the dreamland.

Overall, the app is a great solution to get an insight into your baby and complete control of the device. So, install the app for free and access all the next-level nursing experience features!

Miku Care Plus Reviews

Indeed the app is equipped with high features that are highly beneficial for better insight into your baby. But it has some features that cant be accessed in the free version. The Miku Care+ is a subscription designed for better access to your baby’s insight. It includes the factors that impact the baby’s wellness.

Miku Care Plus Reviews
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mikucare.com https://mikucare.com

It’s developed by leading Mikucare pediatric experts to offer a Care+ add-on using trend graphs and notifications. So basically, you still can enjoy all the free features but with better add-ons that you can’t get in the free version.

Care+ Add-Ons

  • Trend notifications related to the child’s health trends
  • Breathing and Sleep trends to see any changes in their patterns
  • Daily trackers like height, weight, temperature readings, feedings, and diaper changes
  • Expert age-related articles about sleep and development
  • Extended video storage from 30-days or unlimited

See, there are many functional add-ons to elevate your way of maintaining your baby’s health. So start your Care+ subscription from $99!

Miku Care Pricing

How Much Does Miku Cost?

Relatively, its pricing is pretty affordable, where you can get complete bundles with free app features. If you’re questing about the pricing, check the lists below:

Product Collection Pricing

  • Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount Kit: $399
  • Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Floor Stand: $499
  • Accessories: $15-$149
  • Bundles: $399-$1,016

Miku Care Plus Cost

For those who like to save more, check the bundle collections to help save more. Aside from that, join the newsletter to get exclusive discount codes and special offers notifications!

Miku Vs Nanit

As a smart buyer, Miku Care may not be your only smart baby monitor camera option. One of the worthy competitors is Nanit Pro Camera. So, check the following comparison of Miku vs Nanit.

  Miku Care Nanit
Price $399 $249
Mounting Wall-mounted or freestanding Wall-mounted or freestanding
Monitor receiver App App
Breathing tracking system Micromovements detected by the camera Using the fabric band that included
Image quality HD 1080p HD 960p
Return policy 45 days 45 days
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Miku Pro Review

What Do Customers Think?

Undeniably, Miku Care is well-known among modern parents who demand the best monitoring system for their babies. It’s also proven by how it has been featured in Parents, Popular Science, Business Insider, People, and USA Today.

Miku Pro Review
Image credit: facebook.com/MikuCare
facebook.com/MikuCare https://facebook.com/MikuCare

In fact, it has thousands of customer reviews on Amazon and its website. FYI, the Pro Smary Baby Monitor obtains a 4.7/5 average rating with 871 reviews in its official store. Here’s a Miku camera review from the customer:

I liked the analytics feature. It provides very helpful and so much information. The camera itself is very good, and I liked the zoom feature. I also love the music and sound options you can change from your phone and set for a certain period or repeat throughout the night.

For the other testimonials, we consciously choose one of Miku monitor reviews containing complaints. The customer said: 

I love the design and construction quality, but this app seems to have major optimization issues. But it takes a few seconds to “connect” every time you open the app… I sincerely hope they can fix it because I like everything else about this product.

Similar to the two feedbacks above, nearly all customers love the baby monitor device. It has great features with so much information and excellent camera quality. On the other hand, the only issue is mostly about app optimization, which is a minor issue.

Is Miku Pro Worth It?

Considering it’s the first baby monitor that can track the baby’s breathing, Miku Care is worth trying for every momma. Using the patented innovative technology gives peace of mind when doing other activities while having your eye on the baby.

It performs finely with great insight into your baby’s conditions. The camera is also fairly good, with clear images and detailed night vision. Not to mention the speakers, analytics, and other features. So overall, from the app, camera, and features, it’s a great investment for your baby.

Miku Care Pros And Cons

Our comprehensive Miku Care review may overwhelm you with information. So to easily grasp the points, consider the pros and cons below!


  • Detail breathing and sleep pattern monitor
  • Comprehensive features using the app
  • Proprietary SensorFusion technology
  • Contact free monitoring system
  • Dual speaker for lullaby or mic
  • HD image with night vision
  • HSA/FSA Approved
  • Free shipping
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • Positive reviews from experts and customers


  • The app needs better optimization.

Miku Care Support

How To Contact Miku Care?

Facing any Miku baby monitor issues? No worries. Its customer service will always be ready to fix your product issue or even do the baby monitor recall. So contact them using the customer service phone number or contact information below during business hours.

  • Email Address: support@mikucare.com
  • Phone Number: (833) 275-6458
  • Live Chat: Blue bubble at the lower right
  • Social Media: @MikuCare

Company Address

10 Woodbridge Center Dr.
Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095

Where To Buy Miku Care

Finding a Miku baby monitor device is effortless since it’s available online. First, for risk-free and the best purchase, you can buy from the official website at mikucare.com. Other options are from online shopping platforms like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does your curiosity still need more information about this brand? Check the questions related to Miku Care review that people also asked.

Does Miku prevent SIDS?

No, it doesn’t. Instead of reducing SIDS, this monitoring device will provide peace of mind.

Is Miku FDA approved?

Miku baby monitor doesn’t need FDA approval. That’s because it is not a medical device designated for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease.

Is Miku live breathing accurate?

Based on the customers’ reviews and tests, the device always monitors the baby’s breath accurately.


Our Miku Care review has jot downs all the appeals and things that you should concern about the baby monitor. Its products truly offer impressive sound and video quality with a great monitoring system.

The app is also packed with features that revolutionize your monitoring of infants. Using the camera and the app will provide comprehensive insight into your baby, including movement and breathing. So, are you ready to take your baby monitoring to the next step? Visit Miku Care now!

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