About West Bend

Like its name, the West Bend brand is a kitchen appliances company manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin. Their company was established with the mission to make your kitchen activities easier since 1911.

About West Bend
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In addition, this brand is the trademark of Legacy Companies. It’s a leading developer in electric kitchen appliances company with headquarters in Weston, Florida.

With decades of industry experience, this brand has become one of the trustworthy brands for kitchen appliances. Moreover, its popularity keeps growing, with over 27K followers on Facebook.

However, when it comes to kitchen electrics, you need to ensure the quality. At the end of the day, it’s your investment that is purposed for long-term usage. So, let’s see its worthiness in our West Bend review!

Why Shop At WestBend?

One of the best good points to purchase appliances from West Bend is its outstanding customer service. All purchases will be covered with a 30-day return policy, a 1-year warranty, and free shipping. What a risk-free purchase.

With a long history, it ensures the best quality of electric kitchenware. It’s equipped with cutting-edge features to make the kitchen work much simpler. The sleek design also ensures it looks good on your kitchen tabletop.

Not only the product’s quality, but we like how this brand often shares recipes. It allows you to freely access mouth-watering delicacy cooking steps from beef stew to ice cream maker recipes.

What's On West Bend Kitchen Appliances

Simply put, West Bend manufactures a wide selection of electric kitchen appliances. Its products come with unmatched quality, performance, and value to consumers.

With its product collection, you can discover from coffee makers to microwaves. It covers everything, whether you want to find the device to bake bread, roast chicken, blend smoothies, or brew coffee.

West Bend Product Collections

  • Cooking: Slow Cooker, Microwaves, Griddles, Breadmakers, Air Fryers, Toasters, Ovens, Blenders, etc
  • Popcorn: Stir Crazy, Air Crazy, Popcorn Carts, Popcorn Poppers, Theater Crazy, Servings, etc
  • Beverage: Refrigerators, Coffee Makers, Tea Makers, Juicers, Coffee Urns, Kettles, etc

Scour its website so you can find all the collections of kitchen appliances since there’s a lot more to explore. Next, we’ve selected several products to be broken down in the following West Bend review section!

West Bend Air Fryer Reviews

12.6 Qt. XL Digital Air Fryer Oven

WestBend is one brand that is well known for its air fryer. One of the best-selling is the 12.6 Qt. XL Digital Air Fryer Oven, which has a versatile design. With 6 cooking functions and a super large capacity, it’s genuinely a multi-purpose daily solution.

West Bend Air Fryer Reviews
Image credit: westbend.com
westbend.com https://westbend.com

The functions allow you to cook meals to snack, whether for air frying, baking, roasting, dehydrating, rotisserie, and re-heating. Moreover, the one-touch design offers ten quick-mode presets.

Featuring cyclonic crisping technology, it offers high-speed hot air circulation for super crisp food. In addition, the 12.6 Qt XL capacity is large enough to cook your whole meal with side dishes easily.

In fact, using an air fryer can make your cooking decrease the fat by up to 75%. It is much cheaper and healthier than using deep fry. Thus, enjoy guilt-free fried food with this digital air fryer oven at $134.99!

West Bend Coffee Maker Reviews

Ice Tea and Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 2.75 Qt. Capacity

Do you love sipping iced coffee or tea on a scorching day? Then, this West Bend 2.75 Qt. Ice Tea and Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the best option. This machine maker is designed to make custom-brew iced tea or coffee.

West Bend Coffee Maker Reviews
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westbend.com https://westbend.com

With the brew strength selector, it can cut the brew time guesswork for a perfect pitcher every time. Also, this coffee and tea maker comes with a 2.75-quart glass pitcher, which is white and big for everyone.

It features an infusion tube to customize the iced beverage flavors. Simply add fruits or herbs for unique tastes. We also like how the mesh filter is easily removed for a better cleaning experience.

Not to mention, the automatically shuts off feature ensures it won’t run when the brew cycle is complete. So, easily make iced tea or coffee with this iced beverage maker at $37.99!

West Bend Slow Cooker Reviews

5 Qt. Oblong Slow Cooker with Tote

The 5 Qt. Oblong Slow Cooker with Tote is a kitchen appliance with a versatile cooking function. It’s a great versatility cooker as your go-to for simple breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

West Bend Slow Cooker Reviews
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When we call it a versatile tool, it’s not a joke. With only this one device, it offers a slow cooker, stovetop pot, oven-ready roaster, and electric griddle. The griddle function can be leveraged by using the heating base.

The other reason for its versatility is the 5 quarts cooking vessel and adjustable temperature setting. Furthermore, the cooking vessel comes with a nonstick interior and is safe for an oven or refrigerator.

The dishwasher-safe glass lid and cooking pot ensure easy cleanup. Plus, it includes a travel lid and thermal carrying case for high portability. So, make your meal easily with this versatile cooker at $59.99!

West Bend Popcorn Machine Reviews

Stir Crazy Popcorn Machine

Your movie night won’t be complete without popcorn. The West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Machine is best for family or friends gatherings. It allows you to make popcorn easily at your home.

West Bend Popcorn Machine Reviews
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westbend.com https://westbend.com

Instead of microwaving instant popcorn, pop your own fresh popcorn offers a healthier option. It’s warm and much fresher. Furthermore, this popcorn machine can make 6 quarts at once, enough for the whole family.

This WestBend popcorn machine has various features for a next-level popping experience. For instance, the motorized still rod offers an even popping result. Plus, the kernels can be prevented from getting stuck by enabling the automatic reversal feature.

The clear and vented cover with a butter cap doubles as a popcorn bowl. No need for other containers. Therefore, get your bowl of fresh and crunchy popcorn every home movie night at only $46.99!

West Bend Bread Maker Reviews

3 lb. Hi-Rise Bread Maker

Instead of spending your time getting your bread in a bakery or convenience store, how about making it your own? The West Bend 3 lb. Hi-Rise Bread Maker is designed to make freshly baked bread at home easily.

West Bend Bread Maker Reviews
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westbend.com https://westbend.com

The Bread Maker 47413 model has dual knead blades for thorough dough kneading. It allows the bread to have a lighter taste and higher rise. Besides, 12 digital settings offer versatility, including basic, wheat, gluten-free, dough, and more. 

In addition, it features 3 different loaf sizes and 3 level crust controls. On top of that, the delayed start cycle offers up to 13 hours of delay programs. So you can start your day with the scent of freshly baked bread. Much more convenient in the morning.

No worries if you don’t know many recipes since it comes with an instruction manual. It lets you access the many delicious recipes, from bagels to gluten-free bread. Hence, conveniently enjoy freshly baked bread every morning with this bread maker at $124.99!

West Bend Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Worries about your kitchen appliances will break your bank? Fortunately, West Bend offers relatively affordable products. It has a wide pricing due to the wide product selection from toasters to fridges. However, it currently ranges from $2.79 to $324.99.

The lowest-priced item is the Small Popcorn Bucket and the highest is the 3.1 CU. FT. Compact Refrigerator. In addition, if you set your mind to get the lowest deals, don’t forget to leverage the current deals. Here are some available savings:

  • Free shipping on delivery items over $39
  • Discover up to 25% off items on the sale page
  • Sign up for the newsletter to get special coupon codes and promotions.

West Bend Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

When it comes to customer testimonials, this brand has collected a tremendous number of them. We can discover many West Bend reviews from customers on most of its items thanks to its extensive history. But before uncovering the customer’s reviews, check the best-selling rating data below:

West Bend Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/westbendkitchen
facebook.com/westbendkitchen https://facebook.com/westbendkitchen

Similar to the product reviews above, most of the items are high-rated. Now let’s consider one of West Bend juicer reviews below:

I initially bought this as a backup for my well-known juicer, which costs four times as much. It has less noise, prep, foam, and hassle than my expensive machine… This juicer has become my “go-to” juicer.

For comparison purposes, check once for the toaster reviews below that contain complaints:

It’s a great product. The toaster browns unevenly, however, for thick bread products like bagels, thin breads like English toast, or Egg-O waffles. The tops of the bread will brown, and the bottoms will not toast.

Nearly all customers stated about the good performance products with high quality. Moreover, it costs less than most devices on the market. For the negative reviews, it only has small issues.

Is West Bend Worth It?

Put our sections all together, West Bend is worth it. It has an expansive assortment of kitchen appliances with cutting-edge technology. It also features a sleek design and various specs to ensure simpler usage.

A durable build ensures the electric kitchen devices last longer. On top of that, the performance is flawless and suits what the company claims. Affordable pricing is also another thing worth praising about the brand.

West Bend Pros And Cons

To shorten our long reviews section, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of this brand. Consider thoroughly all the points below:


  • Unmatched performance and value
  • High-quality build
  • Features packed design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fine positive reviews


  • Some products are out of stock.

West Bend Appliances Customer Service

How To Contact

Need more information before making a purchase? Then you can contact customer service for further details. It’s available from Monday to Friday via call at 1-866-290-1851. Also, reach them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @westbendkitchen!

Company Address

P.O. Box 53
West Bend, WI 53095
United States

Where To Buy West Bend

We strongly recommend purchasing the home appliances from its official store at westbend.com. Its collection is also available on several online shopping platforms like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

To widen your information about the brand, we’ve collected some FAQs related to the West Bend review. Check the list below!

Who owns West Bend?

This brand is one of the divisions under The Legacy Companies.

Does West Bend ship internationally?

This brand currently only ships within the United States.


Time to upgrade your kitchen appliances! Our West Bend review has uncovered all the information about this brand. This company is a reliable brand for finding kitchen appliances with high-end features for modern people.

The company enhances its value in affordable devices with simple usage and quality build. So, explore West Bend to upgrade your kitchen appliance with low-priced, sophisticated devices. Take your kitchen activity to another level of simplicity!

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